The ‘Lazy Kitchen’ Revolution: How Preprepared Dish Companies are Thriving
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‘Ready to Cook’ food is beginning to occupy a larger share of table space. As the market continues to expand, investors and firms are following the tastes of diners and attractive price points. However, there is also fierce competition in the industry and challenges remain.

What motivated a large financial technology company, namely Qudian Inc (Chinese: 趣店, QD:NYSE), to transform and dive into the preprepared dish industry. Well, as people's demand for food safety and quality increases, more and more people are choosing to buy convenient, fast and nutritious preprepared dishes (Chinese: 预制菜). The COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the ‘lazy economy’ has accelerated consumers' acceptance of the idea. Dining in is also under pressure. We are also seeing restaurant owners starting to prefer preprepared dishes because they can effectively reduce operating costs and mitigate the loss of dine-in revenue. Therefore, these two driving forces, combined with other factors such as favorable policies, pushed the size of China's preprepared dish market to over CNY 419 billion in 2022. The market is expected to maintain a high growth rate in the future and will reach a size of CNY 1,072 billion by 2026, according to iiMedia Research.